Tuesday 24 March 2009

Weekend Dinner

I have cooked a pot of spareribs shark fin melon soup for my
weekend dinner. I bought the ingredients from wet market the
day before after work.Because of I have a class that night therefore
the time is a bit hurry. Besides, I added Unagi Kabayaki for my
extra dishes.This usually is quite expensive sell in the Japanese
shop.However, I bought this at Lintas supermarket’s clearance
stock promotion.

另外我加了一道Unagi Kabayaki.这道菜平时在日食店的价钱卖
得比较贵.而这一次我是到亚庇市 Lintas 的一间超市买的.这间
超市因为租约到期要搬迁所以举行促销.这次我买的 Unagi Kabayaki

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