Wednesday 29 April 2009

Fried Bitterground with Blackpepper Sauce

I really resist to have this dish when I was young. I was
thought that this tastes very bitter and I was intensely
afraid to put this vege into my mouth because of the
bitter taste.
This time, I had fried the bitter ground with black pepper sauce.
I was marinated the bitter ground with some salt for half and
hour after sliced and washed it with water to reduce the bitter

Besides, I had cooked a pot of fresh sweet corn and carrot soup.
I had bought these ingredients on last Saturday morning in Lido

Monday 27 April 2009

Potato Sweet Soup

The weather is hot these few days!

I saw my brother had bought two containers ice cream and how
was he enjoyed it when he was watching tv!

I had bought some japanese potatoes from Lido market and this
make me decided to cook potato sweet soup for my dessert.

I had noted that quite monotony if I just cook this sweet soup
with the Japanese potato only. Last, I had added in some yam,
local potatoes to made this soup be more attractive and appetite.

Blueberry Buns

Made this bun for my breakfast. This was the second time I
used my mixer to made the dough and I really hate to part with
used my mixer to made the dough. Since I had used the mixer
to made the red bean buns previously than I have an impulsion
want to make buns again.
After I 've made the dough, I just think of that what filling
I can use for these buns? I checked my fridge, and luckily I get
the blueberry pie filling to used for these buns.

Mango Cheese Cake

My fb friend Catherine called me up to ordered a cake for her
hubby's birthday last Friday. She asked me any suggestion
and she told me that her hubby like to eat cheese cake. I had
suggested to her that this mango cheese cake.

I've blended some fresh mango puree for this cake, and also
added the extra mangoes cubes into the cheese filling.
Unfortunately the taste of the mango I bought from mini market
not sweeter than what I've bought last time.

Tuesday 21 April 2009

Photos to share....

I had found these photos when I was tidy up my bookcase.

These photos I had toke about 4 years ago when I was visited
a bakers exhibition.

Here share to all of you....

Party Tea Cakes Lesson

1.Two Tone Cheese Brownies & Italian Apple Tea Cake

2. French Chocolate Slice & Walnut Pineapple Tea Cake

3. Baked Carrot Cheesecake & Steam Two Tone Layer Cake

Monday 20 April 2009


Carrot Cake
I had made this carrot cake with light cream cheese frosting
for my mum when I back to my hometown. I always remember
that my mum didn't like to eat the creamy cake such like the
heavy cream cheese cake.
I had tried made the carrot cake for my mum before but she
was complaint to me that the cake texture was chewy and the
taste was too sweet.

This time, I had used the eggs separated method to made this
carrot cake. The cake was soft even I kept it a day after and the
taste was not too sweet also.

Chocolate Butter Cake
This chocolate butter cake was requested by my mum made
for her friend, who always tokes her go to the school for
deaf-mutes to do charity works.

I have used golden churn butter to made this butter cake, and
I was added in extra chocolate rice into the batter to enhance
the chocolate taste. The cake was soften after I kept it a day
before serve.

"Freedom of Entry to the City"

I have a chance to enjoyed the sight of procession to enter to
the city of The Royal Malaysian Navy's on last Saturday morning
held at Segama Waterfront.

A name of "Freedom of Entry to the City " for this event was the
largest to date with almost 1,200 participants from Malaysia,
Brunei, Indonesia and United States. This was the third time
procession also the last.

After the contingents marched along and passing the Segama
Waterfront, the event was followed by the maritime
demonstration and visit on their vessels.

Wednesday 15 April 2009

Kuih Rose (蜂巢饼)

I learned this kuih rose from my mum on last weekend when I
back to my hometown.

Usually we just have this snack during Chinese New Year, and
was made by my mum. Just with the simple steps to mix all
the ingredients till well combined and deep-frying till done;
but have to spend much time to deep frying it.

Monday 13 April 2009

Pavlova Dessert

I heard this name before and I knew that its a western dessert
but I never try to make.

Mark had gave me this pavlova mix which he bought from
his hometown - Australia. Since I was in holiday and my mind
was intended me to try it out, I finally did it!

As I mentioned earlier because I never make this before, I was
nervous with the result. I get the fine result finally but the
taste was too sweet.

I had piped some cream on the surface and sprinkled with some
toasted walnuts.

Saturday 11 April 2009

Travel - Melaka

Visited to Melaka in last September, but till now just have time
to sort out the photos and also I can take an advantage to
recalled the enjoyble of this trip.

Me and my bf are very interested in the antique goods and
historical site. We are planning to have a trip to Melaka after
he get the confirmation of his work in Singapore for a month
last August.

We have a nice walk in Jonker Street and have enjoyed many
delicious local foods like asam laksa, cendol, chicken rice.....

Thursday 9 April 2009

My Baking

Strawberry Mousse Cake

This cake was ordered by my colleague for her nephew's
birthday. Actually this was the same which I have made for
another colleague's birthday.

Peach Cheesecake

Baked this peach cheesecake for my cousin Daisy's birthday. She
like to eat cheesecake but she always tell me that she will get
fatter than me after!

Mango Cheesecake

Made this Mango cheesecake for my colleague's father.I used
digestive biscuit for the cake base. I also add more mangoes
cubes into the cheese filling.

Chocolate Chips Cupcake

These Chocolate Chips Cupcake was special requested by my bf
for his diving trip at Sipadan Mabul Island last week.
My bf and his friends were stayed at the island 3 days 2 nights.
Because of the long journey and they decided departed from KK
at 2 a.m. early morning, so I'm prepared these cupcakes for them
during the drive.

These cupcakes were spongy and soft!