Monday 20 April 2009


Carrot Cake
I had made this carrot cake with light cream cheese frosting
for my mum when I back to my hometown. I always remember
that my mum didn't like to eat the creamy cake such like the
heavy cream cheese cake.
I had tried made the carrot cake for my mum before but she
was complaint to me that the cake texture was chewy and the
taste was too sweet.

This time, I had used the eggs separated method to made this
carrot cake. The cake was soft even I kept it a day after and the
taste was not too sweet also.

Chocolate Butter Cake
This chocolate butter cake was requested by my mum made
for her friend, who always tokes her go to the school for
deaf-mutes to do charity works.

I have used golden churn butter to made this butter cake, and
I was added in extra chocolate rice into the batter to enhance
the chocolate taste. The cake was soften after I kept it a day
before serve.


  1. cute ah those little carrot !!

  2. Thanks ah! I had used the extra cream cheese frosting to piped out.hehe....