Tuesday 27 July 2010

可可蛋糕卷 (Chocolate Roll)

我要谢谢 LH 的这个可可蛋糕卷食谱.早在之前就有位烘焙 Kaki

食谱摘自 LH (Fatmum Baking)

20gm 可可粉
40gm 温开水

3 蛋黄
50gm 幼糖
50gm 油
30gm 鲜奶
75gm 蛋糕粉

3 蛋白
65gm 幼糖

馅料: (我用奶油霜)
180gm 鲜奶油
20gm 糖粉


1. 将 (A) 料混合均匀,备用.
2. 蛋黄和糖搅拌至糖溶化及蛋黄转白色.
3. 将油, 鲜奶及可可混合料加入, 搅拌均匀.
4. 加入粉料, 拌均备用.
5. 把 (C) 料搅拌至干性发泡后, 将1/3份的蛋白料伴人蛋黄混合料里.
6. 把 (5) 伴人剩余的蛋白料,继续搅拌至完全均匀.
7. 把混合物倒入一个已铺纸的 36X26cm 烤盘. 放入预热烤箱以
上火190'C /下火 160'C烘12分钟. (我用 10'X10' 烤盘及180'C 烤
20 分钟).
8. 把烤好的蛋糕从烤箱拿出后,撕掉油纸待冷.
9. 涂上馅料卷起,用油纸包起;放入冰箱冷藏.

**糖份可随个人喜好调整. 这一次我没调整食谱的份量,所以蛋糕有点甜.

Recipe adapted from here

20gm cocoa powder
40gm warm water

3 egg yolks
50gm sugar
50gm oil
30gm milk
75gm cake flour

3 egg white
65gm sugar

Filling : (I used butter cream)

180gm dairy cream
20gm fine sugar

1) Melt cocoa powder with the warm water and set aside
2) Whisk egg yolks with sugar till sugar melt or turn pale.
3) Add milk and oil, mix well; add in cocoa mixture and stir well.
4) Add in flour and mix well.
5) Whisk Set (C) till stiff peak
6) Remove 1/3 of egg white and fold into egg yolk mixture.
7) Pour (6) into balance egg white and mix well. (do not overmix else it will deflat the egg white).
8) Llined tray with baking paper and pour the batter. Bang the tray (36x26cm) to release big bubble and baked in top heat 190c and bottom heat 160c for 12mins. ( I used 10'X10' cake pan and baked at 180c for 20mins)
7) Removed from tray immediately and released the edges of the baking paper to allow the cake to cool.
8) Spread filling and roll. Keep refrigerated for about 30-60mins before slicing.

Note : Sugar can be reduce as desired. I did not reduce the sugar amount in this time, therefore I have found a bit sweet for the cake.


  1. 看得出蛋糕很松软有很厚,一定很好吃 ;)

  2. looks good.
    I have buttercream in the fridge that I need to use up.

  3. This look really soft and good, bookmarked this recipe immediately,Thanks for sharing.

  4. 在SONIA那边看到巧克力蛋糕..你这边也是巧克力口味...啊!!!!受不了引诱了...!!

  5. I will try one more time,Thanks for sharing
    Fatmum and Chin.

  6. Anncoo : 这蛋糕卷真的很好吃,我还一次吃了两片.

  7. wendyywy : Looking for your post.

  8. Vincent : Thank you for your visit and appreciate.

  9. Sonia : You are most welcome, a waiting for your post of this.

  10. Wendy : 巧克力永远都是让人难以抗拒的. 你也可以试做哦!

  11. Ling : Hope you will have a good try and waiting for your good news.

  12. Chin, sounds like you've been pretty busy lately

  13. Chin, sounds like you have been pretty busy lately! Lucky that you've a good helper now... the Kitchen Aid! hehe.... Your cakes look beautiful as always. Hope you're enjoying your day, dear.
    Cheers, Kristy

  14. Kristy : Hi, I'm quit busy recently. Believe or not, my Kitchen Aid still sit in the box, because my Kenwood still quit new and I also reluctant to use the new one.hehe..