Friday 22 May 2009

Funny Cake!!

This is a funny cake!

Catherine was called and asked me to take this order from
her colleague. This cake was requested by her colleague's bf 25th
birthday. She was mentioned to me that the cake must can see
the nipple which she will put an ear-ring on it.

My brother's house mate also wondering how can I make it to
looks like a boob cake? He never saw this before and want me to
help him take a photo!

This is a vanilla sponge cake frosted with vanilla butter cream.

My colleagues also have a big laugh when they were saw this


  1. U should call this a cup D or prehaps cup E cake, haha!

    I see the 'nipple' I want to laugh.

    I am sure ur client loves ur creation.

    Good job!

  2. haha...,I also had a big laugh when I was finished to piped on the "nipple"!

  3. hey! this is really creative! How did you make the boobs so round? hahaha