Monday 11 May 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!

Baked some cakes for mother's day......

I had celebrated my mother's day earlier with my mum on
last Saturday, hope she don't feel lonely on this day.

This is a strawberry chocolate cake special requested by my
brother's house mate for his chocolate lover mummy. I had
piped the cake side with some little strawberries.
Daisy had ordered a mix fresh fruits cake for her lovely
mummy on this mother's day! I understand that her mother
don't like to eat all sweet things especially for cake. I had
reduced the sweet taste for this cake.
These are the mango & strawberry chocolate cake baked for
Vivianne. She told me that she want to give a special cake for
her beloved mummy and the other is for her boy friend mummy.

I had baked & decorated these cakes with my esteem love,
hope those mothers will enjoy & happy !

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