Monday 18 May 2009

Stir Fried Scallion with Pork Slice

I was busy with my work and baking these two weeks and I got
not enough time to prepared for my dinner. Luckily I always took
one or two meals only for dinner, I not have to get hurry to
prepare for my dinner after work.

After have fed up with fish or vege only in last two weeks, I was
thinking of to cook some special for my weekend dinner.

I was decided to cook this meal as I have found some scallion in
my fridge. I soaked the belly pork in cool water after cooked then
sliced it. With the simple steps, heat-up enough oil and fried some
dry chillies and garlic until fragrant, add in the pork slices and
about 1 tbsp of spicy bean sauce to enhance the spicy taste. Lastly,
add in the scallion and stir fried till well combined.

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