Monday 4 May 2009

My Holiday Baking

I was enjoyed my three days holiday with cake baking last week.

My adopted father had celebrated his 75th birthday last
Saturday, he had a chocolate mango cake on his birthday.
I baked a chocolate sponge cake and filled with 2 layers of fresh
mango cubes and cream.

Unfortunately, the cake was damaged on my way back to home
town because of me wanted to dodge a dog was rust out to the
road on my driving.
"Before damaged look"
"After damaged & decorated look"

With a heavy heart, I removed all the damaged cream and
mango, re-filled the cake layer with the fresh mango cube
and cream I had bought at my home town.

Another 2 birthday cakes had requested on last weekend.

I baked a chocolate sponge cake for this cake, and filled with two
layers fresh mango and cream.

A vanilla sponge cake also filled with peach slices and whipped
cream, top with fresh grape fruits.

A chocolate cotton cheese cake for my mum. I baked this cotton
cheesecake and celebrate the mother's day with my mum on last
Sunday also. This was a early celebration of mother's day this year.
I had done a simple decoration for this cake with some extra cream.


  1. Hi Cherry-Potato,

    This is the first time I visit ur site. I am really impressed by all the cakes u made.

    Btw, ur blog name is very cute. :)