Tuesday 2 June 2009

Baked Cheesecake

Chocolate Cotton Cheesecake

I was baked this chocolate cotton cheesecake for Randy's 13th
birthday on 26th May. This cake came late to him because I
was visited him on 30th May. He and his sister were stayed
with their grand parent at Labuan.

Just pipped simple balloons and decoration on the cake surface
for this cake.

I was happy because Randy can finished half of this cake in a
day. He told me that he like this cake!

Hello Kitty Vanilla Cheesecake

Charles had requested me to made this vanilla cheesecake for his
daughter, Bella's 6th birthday. Bella's mum told me she love hello
kitty very much! Asked me to draw a hello kitty face on the cake.

I was not feeling well these few days and I loose my voice. My
illness had left me weak when I was drawing this kitty cake; and
also because I just get back from my Labuan trip, I have to
finished this in my hurry time.

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