Monday 15 June 2009

The Seven Sleeping Dwarfs

My niece keep to called me up for this after she saw my first
fondant cake. She was mentioned to me the cake must comes
with a cartoon character and asked me to decided for her.

I get this idea from a baking blog half year ago, but dare not to try
out because this is difficult for me during that time.

Since I've started my first fondant cake, and given this chance
and challenge to me by my niece. Finally, I've started for this -
my first cartoon character fondant cake.

I've spent almost four hour to finish these seven sleeping dwarfs.
They got little fingers and foots, slippers, heads, noses, covers,
pillows and blanket.

I really enjoyed for rolled fondant and this like to playing plasticine.

* This idea was get it from here, I've found that my handwork
is not as fine and smoother than her. Thanks for this idea came
from Zurin!


  1. Hi, I saw this cake in Zurin's blog, maybe u should have the courtesy to link her blog where this cake first appeared

  2. Anony:

    Thanks for your advise and remind me the blogger's name.I've forgot the name actually because this idea I've printed and kept it hald year ago.

  3. Nice Job !! :) i dont mind at all...sure you'll get better at it over time...practice n practice k ..thanks for linking . appreciate it :)

  4. Zurin,

    Thanks for your compliment, I'll keep in practice with this.