Monday 22 June 2009

Konbu and Chicken Feet Soup

Konbu (海带) is a type of seaweed found in cold waters. A large
seaweed plants belonging and classified to the brown algae and
in the order of laminaria.

I was understood that konbu contains iodine. Over consumption
of iodine, can cause hypertrophy of thyroid gland, this can slow
body growth and development. I was started to taken this in 7
years ago when I got the disease of thyroid gland.

Konbu is used extensively in Japanese cuisines, but also important
in Chinese and Korean cuisine. It may be pickled with sweet and
sour flavoring as a snack.

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1 sheet dry konbu/ seaweed
10 pairs chicken feet
5 slices fresh ginger

2.5 litter water
some salt to taste

1. Soaked the dry konbu in water for an hour. Clean with a brush
and rise with water.
2. Cut the cleaned konbu into thin slices and drained.
3. Boil the 2.5 litter water with ginger slicer about 10 minuets.
4. Add in the remaining ingredients and boil over low heat for 2
5. Add salt to taste.

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  1. OOOOHHHHHH MY........LOLOL now that is what I call chicken Feet soup!!! it looks so chicken feet and soupy!!!!!! LOLOLOL