Thursday 25 June 2009

Yam Cake for Sakura

This is a sponge cake sandwich with yam and coconut milk filling;
frosted with yam cream. Top with a Melody image drawing.

I ask CG who is Melody when she called me for this, I only knew
those Disney character or some from cartoon network. Haha, I
really outdated. CG told me Melody and Hello Kitty are best
friend then she sent me this image.

I told CG, her sister's name, Sakura is a sweet and beautiful
name. CG said because her sister's Chinese name got a word of


  1. Honestly,your cakes decoration skill are getting better and better each day !!!
    Keep up the good work hor :)

  2. I love Melody , next time I order one from you ok !

  3. Pearlyn: Sure, no problem. hehehe