Sunday 16 August 2009

My Heavy Lunch (自制披萨)

I have made this "heavy" pizza for my lunch this afternoon. I
call this heavy pizza because I was used not much ingredients
but in more quantities.

I bought a 300gm of mozzarella cheese since more than 1 week
for my seafood baked rice. Unfortunately, I can't found a fresh
seafood in the wet market recently maybe of the raining season.
I've decided to make my first pizza to finish the cheese at last, also
because I found this pizza base recipe from a cuisine magazine in
few months ago.

Pizza Base recipe:

1 tbsp instant yeast
150ml warm water
1 tbsp castor sugar
2 tbsp high protein flour

1. Combine all ingredients above in a bowl. Mix well.
2. Leave to proof for 15 minuets.

250gm high protein flour
2 tbsp milk powder
1/4 tsp salt
2 tbsp corn oil

1. Add all ingredients B into a mixer.
2. Add in proofed ingredients A, mix with dough hock to form a
soft, smooth and elastic dough.
3. Cover dough with towel in a warm place and let it proof for
40 minuets or double in bulk.
4. Use rolling pin to stretch out dough, place in a greased 10'
round pizza pan.
5. Using folk to make some hole on the dough, let it rise for
further 30 minuets.
6. Bake in preheat oven at 200'C for about 5 minuets.
7. Remove from oven and ready to use.

Topping filling:

1 red capsicum, diced
10 stick crab stick, cut cube
1 tin pineapple cubes / ring (small tin), cut cube
1 onion, sliced
250gm mozzarella cheese, grated
1 tsp pizza mix
some salt, pepper

1. Arrange all the topping ingredients onto the baked pizza
2. Baked at preheat oven at 200'C for about 15 minuets.

* Topping filling are depends on your own choice.


  1. WOW, Pizza! How many pieces did you made? Hope can share some..:D

  2. Anncoo: haha, only 1 piece. Sure, don't be shine, just come and take it!

  3. I love the combination of crab and pineapple of this pizza! Thanks for sharing your recipe :)