Monday 3 August 2009

Tomato Bean Curd Fish Head Soup (番茄豆腐鱼头汤)

星期日早上起得早, 争取时间到菜市兜了一圈.这一道豆腐鱼头汤

4块 白豆腐, 切块状
4粒 番茄, 切角状
1粒 榨菜, 切片
2粒 水酸梅
3-4个 中型鱼头
5片 生姜, 稍微拍烂
2.5L 清水

1. 鱼头洗净,滴干水.以适量热油煎黄.
2. 将全部材料下锅以大火煮滚后再转小火煮两个小时.

因为榨菜和水酸梅本身带有咸味, 这锅汤煮好后不下盐也是很入


  1. hi cherry potato, thank you for drop by to my blog! I love your cake decorationn, I have done few simple one, it took a lot of time and patient wasn't? Good job! I have linked your blog to my blog list, hope to learn some decoration technique in the future! :-)

  2. Hi,thanks for your dropping also.Same with you. I also love your bread & bun so much!I just start my bread making hope can learn more from you also.

  3. Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog earlier and nice to meet you too. You have a very lovely blog! And lots of nice bakery which is beautifully done. Have you been to any bakery school before? I just learned everything from the site...he he! Save me lots of money!

  4. Hi, My Little Space: Thanks for your compliment and appreciate for my blog also. I haven't been to any bakery school before, but have attended some baking lesson.I've learned some cake decoration technique from site and my baking friends.

  5. Angel,
    it's really yummy and yummy! I've cooked a big bowl for this, but it was finished by my brother, can't keep until the next day.