Monday 10 August 2009

Playing with dough again

过去的假日, 我把休息时间放在搓面团上.这一次小心翼翼的跟随
食谱的步骤,用面包机从面粉搅拌成面团, 再有面团分成小粒的甜

I've used this basic sweet dough recipe to make those buns. I
removed the dough into a big bowl from my bread maker after
it stopped kneading; and let it prove for about 45 minuets.

This sweet dough is really easy to handling, it won't be sticky
and also no need to sprinkle with more flour when you knead
or roll the dough on table.


  1. really twist and turn the dough..haha...

  2. is that green roll pandan kaya?? you make me drool for it!

  3. Anncoo: Because this dough is really easily to handle, so I can twist it loh.hehe...

    Wendy: That green roll is pandan lotus paste. It's not suitable for bun filling but I just got this in my fridge at that time, so......