Wednesday 12 August 2009

Ping Pei Mooncake (Recipe)

240gm koh fan (cooked glutinous flour)
220gm icing sugar, sifted

350ml cold boiled water
1/4tsp pandan paste
some green colouring
(Mix together)

3tbsp shortening

Filling :
some red bean paste / lotus paste

Mooncake mould (wooden is better)


1. Divide the filling at 120gm each, roll each filling become a
ball size.
2. Mix koh fan and sifted icing sugar into mixing bowl.
3. Slightly mix the above with "K" beater at low speed.
4. Gradually pour in the cold water while machine running until
a soft dough is form.
5. Add in shortening and continue to beat until all mixture
well combined.
6. Take out the ping pei dough from mixing bowl, divide it at
80gm each.
7. Roll the ping pei dough into a round shape till enough to cover
the filling.
8. Wrap the ping pei dough with the filling and sprinkle with some
koh fan before press it into the mooncake mould.

* Can reduce the sweetness


  1. Thanks for sharing this recipe, will try it out later.

  2. Hi, visiting your blog for my very 1st time..hehe
    I had buy a pack of koh fan to make this too, put i haven't got the paste yet..will try this out after i got the coloring and the paste.. thanks for sharing..^_^

  3. Hi,Rachel: Wait for your good news!