Monday, 10 August 2009

American Ginseng Slices Chicken Soup (泡参片鸡汤)

我很喜欢喝这道汤, 因为它的味道很甘甜. 我平时只用泡参片来泡

泡参的功用除了让 睡眠不足者降虚火;也能为免疫能力低或体质


1 Kampong Chicken (甘榜鸡)
3 tbsp qi-zi (枸子)
10-15gm ginseng slices(泡参片),
2500ml water (清水)

salt (盐)


1. Clean the chicken and cut to pieces.
2. Soaked the qi-zi with enough water until soft. Drained.
3. washed the ginseng slices and drained.
4. Put all the ingredients into a pot cook at high heat until
boiling for about 10 minuets, turn to low heat and continue to
cook another 2 hour.
5. Add in salt to taste.