Monday, 31 August 2009

Fresh Caterpillar Fungus Chicken Soup

Today is Malaysia National Day, also a holiday for me to rest at
home. I have spent my whole day time in my kitchen today
for prepare some mooncake making stuffs.

Besides, I have cooked a pot of soup - Fresh caterpillar fungus
chicken soup, and the recipe goes here:

1 Kampung chicken
100gm fresh caterpillar fungus
15 red dates, cored
2 tbsp medlar seeds
2500ml water

salt to taste

1. Rinse the chicken and cut into pieces, blanch into boiling water
for a while. Remove and drained.
2. Place all ingredients into a deep pot, pour in water and bring to
a boil.
3. Cover, cook over low heat for approximately 2 hours.
4. Lastly, season with a pinch of salt.