Thursday, 30 July 2009

Last Minuet Cake (柠檬起司蛋糕)

这是一个很不完美的起司蛋糕. 我是在很匆忙和紧迫的情形下完

CW 在前晚的深夜打了一通电话给我要订购草莓蛋糕,我告诉她
向我预定.最后的结果是我向她推荐了这个 Lemon Cotton Cheese

I've baked this cotton cheese cake in a hurry time because CW
was called me in last minuet time.

The surface of this cake was not as nice as previous I've baked,
because got some cracked on it. Last, I was delivered this cake to
CW with some simple and simple decoration to cover "defect"
and hope she don't care for this.