Friday, 31 July 2009

Poker Cake (扑克脸蛋糕)

Made this chocolate cake for FQQ with a special deco from his
colleagues - a poker face drawing and with "sleeping king"

Today is the last working day of FQQ. He will be continue
his study on next month at ATI .

选用扑克牌图案做装饰是一班同事经商议后决定给 FQQ 的一
个惊喜. 开始烘焙以来,我没试过在蛋糕上画出此等图案.坦白说,
图案画得并不完美, 而且近看也可以看到画工的不精致. 奶油挤
完后, 我的眼睛也累得抬不起眼皮了.